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"Cary's gourds, beautiful, inspirational, personal and one of a kind.  My gourd's top is to the side so whenever I pass by it, I can see and sense the serenity and peacefulness that comes from the inside wash of colors.  My go-to place when I need to "stop and smell the roses" and know that God is with me.  One

cannot have too many of Cary's creations."  --- Carol K. Anaheim, CA ---

"For several years now, I have given these beautiful hand crafted gourds to family and friends near and far.  They make great gifts for all occasions.  I

like to keep a couple on hand in my gift closet.  Cary, thru her ministry "The Lord's Gourds", reminds me of what the Lord can do with our lives when

we place them in the "Master Artist's Hands".  Remember a gourd is just a gourd until it becomes a "Lord's Gourd" and then it is truly a work of art.

--- Patricia H.  AZ ---